Stages bikes equipped with the Stages Indoor Cycling SIC1 console are able to be paired with any ANT+ or Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) compatible heart rate monitor.

Pairing your heart rate strap

Before pairing your heart rate strap: 

  • If required by your strap manufacturer, wet the electrodes on the inside of the strap before use. 
  • Secure the strap directly against the skin, under the pectoral muscles or on the bra line. 
  • The strap's transmitter pod should be centered on the chest and oriented such that any logos or text are oriented right-side up.
  • The strap should be worn tight enough to stay in place without restricting breathing. 

To pair your heart rate strap with the Stages SIC1 console:

  1. While wearing your heart rate strap, activate the console by pressing any button and proceed to WARM UP mode. 
  2. While the console is in WARM UP mode, remain close to the console until it picks up the heart rate strap signal, indicated by a heart symbol flashing on the display.
  3. If you have advanced past WARM UP mode without pairing your heart rate strap, hold the AVG/END button to complete the ride and then press AVG/END again to return to start up mode. 

Once the HR strap is paired, it will begin displaying your heart rate in BPM on the console screen. If you are using a USB stick to record your ride, your heart rate data will begin recording alongside your ride data once you advance from WARM UP mode into STAGE mode and begin your workout. Note: Heart rate monitors can only be paired in WARM UP mode.

Note: If you are using a mobile app such as Stages Flight mobile app or Wahoo Fitness app to track ride data, you may also pair your Bluetooth enabled heart rate monitor directly to your smartphone along with the bike's power meter. For more information on mobile apps compatible with Stages Power, see our article Recording with a fitness apps

Help with heart rate straps

  • Bluetooth (BLE) straps can often only be paired with one device at a time. If your device is currently or has been recently paired to another device, such as a mobile app, try turning off the device or disabling its Bluetooth function. 
  • The heart rate strap active and in use in order to be picked up by the console (during WARM UP mode only). 
  • Many heart rate straps require the electrode contacts to be wet in order to pick up heart rate. Check your device's instructions to find out if this is necessary for your strap.