Date: 9/27/17

Version: 2.0.18

Previous Version: 2.0.4

- Allows users to collect power meter data using their Bluetooth enabled device even when the power meter is connected to the console
via Bluetooth. 

- Simplifies the pairing process by transmitting the bike number entered into the console. This number is displayed on the bluetooth
device when trying to pair.


Date: 1/25/17

Version: 2.0.4

Previous Version: 2.0.3

-Fixes a bug that caused the console to stop receiving power data from the power meter.

-Instances of this bug could be identified by no power or cadence data showing up on the display

for multiple minutes, but would be resolved by resetting the console.


Date: 12/9/16

Version: 2.0.3

Previous Version: 2.0.2

-Contains more sophisticated error handling procedures designed to keep the console from

becoming non-responsive in the event of an unexpected radio state.

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